tour proNeed a Tour Pro for your event?

Have you ever wondered how companies or events got certain tour pros to show up for either a clinic, hit balls on a hole all day or maybe even play a hole with each group? How about the fundraisers or pro-ams that might have 18 to 24 pros playing with one pro in each group? Well "Money" is the real answer but having connections helps too!

Sometimes a really big name isn't always the most fun pro to play with versus a pro who really understands corporate America and who the "customer" is that day.

Having played on tour and in hundreds of pro-ams over the years, I understand what the Pro-am day is all about...the Amateur and the amateur having fun! If you learn a few things and have a few laughs on a great course with a personable pro, what a perfect day! I have a lot of friends on all the tours from full time players, tournament winners, major championship winners to Hall of Fame inductee friends. If you are interested in me organizing a pro or some professionals for you to help generate extra money for your charity we can find a pro to meet your vision for that day. So if you would like an LPGA, Champions Tour or PGA Tour professional to be a part of your event, Tournament Treasures can help you out. Let me warn you right now though, please no requests for any Tigers, Sharks, Kings or Bears! We're good but not that good!